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25 Ways To Engage Your Audience on Social That Have Nothing to Do with the Products you are Selling

If you are new to the direct sales biz or have been dabbling for a while but feel stuck and are looking to re-ignite, here are some great ways to engage your people.

First let me preface this by saying this post does not mean don't talk about your business at all, but what it IS saying is that you are not the product you sell. People are attracted to the other stuff in your life which then turns into curiosity about what you are doing. Show them the life you've created, being in the direct selling business, and it will pique their interest for what you are doing!

25 topics to use on your social media that AREN'T sales related:

  1. Talk about your best vacay ever and ask them to post about theirs.

  2. Post a picture of your fur baby and ask them to post a picture of theirs and make people guess their pets name.

  3. Post a book you are currently reading and ask for recommendations

  4. Love to cook or suck at cooking? Ask for recipe ideas

  5. On a fitness journey? Ask for advice.

  6. Shout out a product from a friends DS company you love and post their link. Ask them to do the same in their group for you!

  7. Shout out another small local business you love and something you ate or purchased.

  8. Spring cleaning tips- Share 5 ask for 1

  9. Organization Tips- Share one and ask for one

  10. Host a PJ Day online and post a PJ Pic and get them to post.

  11. Outfit of the Day (OOTD) - Post yours and get them to post theirs

  12. Share a podcast you love and ask for them to share theirs

  13. Get them to help you build a Spotify Playlist

  14. Share some things you have purchased or done with the $ from your DS business. Ask them what they would spend an extra $250 a month on.

  15. Favorite product giveaway- Have them each post one of their favorite products and why they love it. Add all people in for a draw to giveaway a free X or a coupon for X

  16. Ask me Anything?

  17. Post an inspirational YouTube Video

  18. Share your morning routine

  19. Thank you Thursday- Thank a special team member or customer

  20. Quotes you love- Don’t overdo this one but its good once a week or so

  21. Re-introduce yourself

  22. Do a poll about something you are interested in

  23. Bust a common industry myth

  24. Ask a would you rather question

  25. Test me Tuesday- Offer 5 samples to the first 5 people to comment and give them one extra to share with a friend!

You're awesome!

xo Allie

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