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About Work-Me

When I had my boys, I had decided I also wanted a career change and I knew I didn't want to go back to the corporate world. (If you love this world, that's awesome and I commend you.)  I wanted to embrace the country life, spend time with my family, but still help with the bills and do something that brought me joy!


I am a natural busy-bee, and Entrepreneur at heart, so I needed something to keep my adult brain going while tending to my kiddos - exercise alone wasn't cutting it. Enter Direct Sales!

Not only did I have a knack for selling & educating on things I am passionate about, but I loved the community that came with it. Direct selling gave me the freedom I needed in work and family life.

However, I started off my business with energy, ambition, goals and determination. It was going great - but then I hit roadblocks - blocking the success I wanted to achieve!

For four years (yep 4) , I struggled to figure out the secret. What was I missing? Why wasn't I getting the results I wanted? Why did it feel so hard to make sales, or build a team? I was following all of the things other successful direct sellers were doing.... or so I thought... but it just felt too hard when I didn't match up to their successes. I started to feel defeated.

Then, someone introduced me to the Enneagram, and it all started to make sense.

4 years later I am grateful to have built a 6-figure Direct Sales business and beginning to build with  a new one!

The Ennea-what?

The Enneagram - is a personality typing system that identifies key motivations in people, and also how they process information and interact with the world around them.


I learned that I was taking the business (or lack-there-of) personally, and I learned how to create more authentic connections with my team and my customers. I was able to create systems to run my business in half the time - while creating more success! 

Just because of a personality test? Yes, plus a bit of self discovery in the process. I learned what makes me feel motivated, what kind of community I needed around me, and how I needed to feel motivated, even when I wasn't so excited to work. The Enneagram changed how I viewed myself, and allowed me to accept, then succeed with the ways I worked best. And with whom I worked best. You can imitate someone successful to an extent, but the real win comes from within. I'd love to help you find yourself!

fun stuff about me

Favourite place to visit?

My cabin in the Whiteshell Park OR Thailand... I'm not picky.

Biggest Motivation?

Seeing others succeed.

Favorite Food?

I have never met a pizza I didn't like.


Peloton workouts and candy.

Newest Discovery?

Airfried Tofu! Don't knock it til you try it.

If you had any super power, what would it be?

To Fly! Travel is expensive, ya'll.

What is your wish for the world?

More kindness and compassion.

When you're on an online party, do you wear professional pants?

Heck no. Always comfy pants.

About Me

Hi! I'm Allie, and this is my family.


I am a mama of two teenage boys, and wife to an awesome, talented

welder/ firefighter husband - who loves to cook. (Thank goodness, because I do not).

I am from a family of farmers, but grew up in a small city before moving out to the countryside of Manitoba. I love nature, hiking, biking, and spending time with my outdoor loving boys. 

When I'm not working on my biz, you'll find me running on my Peloton, walking my dogs, listening to the creations my entrepreneur-minded sons are coming up with, and enjoying nature at my cabin on the lake. 

Community brings me joy, and helping others fuels my soul! That's why I'm here. I would love to help you find your place in the Direct Selling community, but most importantly, help you build the life you want to live!

What's my type?

I am an Enneagram #3

Known as: The Achiever

Biggest Strengths: Setting and accomplishing goals, hard working and easily motivated.

Things that I struggle with: slowing down, people interrupting me, knowing when to stop working. Productivity sometimes comes at the expense of feelings. Can be overly direct. 

How I Communicate: I get to the point quickly, talk about things that are interesting to me, watch how others react to what I am saying and change accordingly. I tend to speak into the future as my brain is always moving forward. 

My Leadership Style: 
Upbeat & action oriented
Brings a strong problem solving approach
Responds well to feedback 
Excellent collaborator
Fosters and energetic can-do environment

Potential Roadblocks to be aware of: 
Can be blunt or impatient for those wanting to work at a slower pace.
Avoids emotions at the expense of productivity
Often uses workaholism as a way to communicate their worth.
Asking for help is hard for three’s
Do not do well with failure and will often set themselves up so they can’t fail or overwork for fear of failure.
Overly concerned with what others think of them.

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